Fort Washington II

A good design is about being able to think outside of the box. Dramatic transformations happen when you are able to see beyond its current structure and be willing to work through construction limitations and challenges with creative solutions. In the end, it was all worth it! The home owner has a space that is timeless and elegant with proper flow into all the adjacent rooms which will allow them to maximize the usability of all rooms for years to come....



The original space was small, with a tub that the home owner never used and covered with the color of maroon. She wanted it bright and functional; he wanted it to felt like the luxury chic hotels he often visits during his travels. This space was born. We were able to enlarge this space by taking some room from an adjacent hall bath; which allowed for a great size shower and a double sink vanity that they enjoy every day. This master retreat consist of a soft, airy and natural pallet with design details one could appreciate only in person....


Fort Washington I

Moving a door can transform a space. Although this kitchen has the room, it was not functional. The home owner was challenged by how to improve the flow. By shifting door locations suddenly the flow improved and the working triangle made sense. We were even able to add the eating space she desired without giving up island. Everyone is happy....



A small kitchen should hold just as much style and function. The home owner wanted a Spanish influenced space that was tranquil and functional. We achieve this by: The challenge of a small space is knowing how to balance interesting with rest of elements. It is easy to overstate or be plain-Jane. Knowing what your inspiration is will help keep that balance....



Every family functions differently. It is about designing a space that functions well for your day to day needs while giving you that feeling of joy every time you walk into the space. With this home owner we took down walls to help with function and gave it simple traditional elements so it’s not overly fussy. The result is a beautiful functional space that all four generations enjoy entertaining in all year round....



What do you want your space to express about you? Our client wasn’t sure about her style. This project was a journey of self-discovery and learning to trust us to translate her vision. She is drawn to detail and texture. It is about balance the two and the cohesiveness of all the elements that completes the space. In the end, she loves waking up to this kitchen every day. ...



It can be challenging to make a city dwelling functional. In addition to having limited space, the rooms are often narrow and long. The home owner was concerned with how to fit all the amenities of today’s modern kitchen in such space while keeping its esthetic beauty and function. We were able to achieve this by strategically placing appliances and cabinetry in places that takes away the linier feel of a brownstone; so visually maximizing the width of the property. In addition, it is important to select the appropriate appliance and island size so nothing overpowers another; which results in a well-balanced space. ...



Most people likes and appreciates various style. It is about combining them appropriately. This home owner wanted a clean contemporary yet warm space; complimenting the overall feel of the entire house. The full custom cabinetry perfectly executed the look while adding tradition and class that the home owner was looking for. With a timeless space, it will help them get the return on their investment in the future. ...



White is still in after a decade. The home owner wanted a chic kitchen with a touch of rustic inspired elements. This was the final product; clean white cabinetry with soapstone and salvaged white oak flooring. It is bright, modern yet charming. The cabinetry were hand made locally in Amish country. The final space consists of all modern amenities that allow her to entertain a house full of guests with ease....


Upper Gwynned

A well function mudroom is becoming more and more important in today’s home. We truly believe it keeps the rest of your home tidy. However, even a mudroom should be special since it is often the first space you step into when coming home. This fun project was about adding old charm into a new home....



Large space are just as difficult to design as a small space. It requires more layering of details....



Home owner wanted to invest in a space they can enjoy waking up and going to bed to. It was also important to design a space with resale in mind. We used a combination of natural materials such as slate, cedar and river rocks with glass tile to create this one of kind retreat. Unfortunately the home owners didn’t get to enjoy this space much. Shortly after completion, they were relocated due to work. The house sold after three days being on the market with help of this bathroom....

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