Our Story

Bo LiDistinctive Elements is a group that has been assembled through the last decade. Each bring our individual trade experience and passion to a team of what we consider “dream makers”.

We are trade nerds that love to listen, study and be challenged with every detail. We are constantly seeking ways to elevate our final product and clients’ experience in the world of renovation. Without a set style, client’s vision becomes the inspiration.

From a simple rip out and replace to a fully customized project, we striving to redefining the design build collaborative culture and process, while having fun doing so. We don’t dodge or void adversities or challenges in renovation; because often we have found ourselves even better on the other side.

From design to execution, its about thinking outside of box. It’s about navigating through the process with creating solutions and offering a peace of mind when it becomes overwhelming and challenging. It’s about weave together the right product and trade of all level to help maximize a budget, a vision and a space.

“I consider myself amongst a group of very lucky few, that wakes up every morning doing what I absolutely love and with people I love.” I love the challenges, the creative breakthroughs, and the transformation process. I feel honored when a client allows us into their home and trusts us to transform their space into a place that they can call home. Have you ever walked into a house that feels just right? Every square foot serving a purpose. It is about rethinking, rearranging and redesigning to achieve that seamless flow and function to suit the needs of the family.

As for the rest of business, a mentor of mine once said: “It’s really simple, exceed clients’ expectations, give them great service, do it at a fair price and the rest of it will come naturally.” It’s the best advice someone can give. It is the reason why our business has continued to grow over the last several years.

Let us reveal what your space can be…

Bo Li
Bo Li